Right to reply from Foreign Ministry to MEP Manu Pineda

Pichincha Universal complies with the right to reply requested by this entity.

We inform the statement that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent to our media outlet.

Pichincha Universal has reported that MEP Manu Pineda complained that Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry prevented him from visiting the Prefect of Pichincha, Paola Pabon, at the Latacunga detention center.

Mr. Pineda does not tell the truth:

  • On October 16, Mr. Pineda requested authorization from the Foreign Affairs Ministry to visit Ms. Pabon;
  • On October 17, Foreign Minister Jose Valencia handed Mr. Pineda a document explaining that the procedures for obtaining such authorization are governed by the rules of each detention center; and,
  • Foreign Affairs Ministry does not have jurisdiction over the country’s detention centers and, therefore, may not grant or deny a visit request to an inmate staying in Latacunga.

That Mr. Pineda omits the answer given on Oct. 17 is a sign of bad faith. Nor does he say that the Foreign Minister recommended him to request a visit to the detention center as soon as possible, even with an official letter from the European Parliament, so that when he returns from Bolivia (where he was going as an election observer) he could visit Mrs. Pabon, with whom he said he had an old friendship.

In accordance with the right to reply, I would appreciate publishing this clarification as well as the official document of October 17.

Source: Pichincha Universal

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