CAL suspends salaries of Viteri, Rivadeneira, Buendia and Poma

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The request was made by Congressman Fabricio Villamar

The Legislative Administration Council (CAL) decided that Citizen Revolution legislators: Carlos Viteri, Soledad Buendia, and Gabriela Rivadeneira -who requested asylum at the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador- will not receive their salaries provisionally. This decision also applies to Congressman Yofre Poma, who was arrested for alleged suspension of public services.

Ex-CREO congressman, Fabricio Villamar sent a document to the president of the National Assembly, Cesar Litardo, requesting the suspension of salaries for the four assembly members. “Can they keep receiving their salary even if they do not attend their workplace?” Villamar questioned.

In addition, he requested to call the alternate congressmen of Buendia, Rivadeneira, and Viteri, while their situation as asylees is resolved; also to the alternate of Poma, while he is being held.

After 11-day demonstrations against the economic measures announced by President Lenin Moreno, the three congressmen asked for asylum at the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador. They consider there is a political persecution against Citizen Revolution leaders.

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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