Oswaldo Jarrin: There is an insurgency in Ecuador

Photo: Ministry of Defense's Flickr account

A new Armed Forces directive was issued.

During a speech at the Ministry of Defense, Minister Oswaldo Jarrin warned that, in order to face what he considers an insurgency in Ecuador, a new directive of the Armed Forces was issued, whose general strategy is re-adapted to situations that may arise.

«A new directive was issued last week. Concrete objective: to face the insurgency in the country.»

For Jarrin, it is essential to improve the protection of the Ecuadorian people, national heritage, and strategic systems.

“There can be no justification for attacking the people, strategic areas and wanting to destroy the State. It is not feasible nor is it allowed for international or geopolitical thinking to be implemented in a free and independent state. ”

According to the Defense authority, the root of the problem is that «the three main components have been disrupted: state authority, laws and the Armed Forces, in the use of force as a monopoly handed over by the State.»

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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