Evo Morales wins Bolivia’s Presidency

Photo: Reuters

Morales has won the Presidency after obtaining 46.86 percent of the votes against 36.73 percent from right-wing candidate Carlos Mesa.

With 95.03 percent of votes counted from within Bolivia and across the world, left-wing candidate from the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) party and current head of state Evo Morales beat Carlos Mesa from the Citizen Community (CC) party by gaining more than 40 percent of the valid votes and a 10-point lead.

The left-wing leader claimed victory on Sunday night adding that “most importantly, we again have an absolute majority in the chambers of Deputies and Senators. That is the result of the consciousness of the Bolivian people.”

Morales counted on the rural vote, which took more time to be counted but handed him the so awaited victory to lead from 2020 to 2025. His party will also have a majority in Congres meaning governance will not be blocked by opposition parties.

Source: Pichincha Universal, teleSUR.

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