Presidency continues to push against Pichincha Universal

The entity is pushing for our website to be removed from the internet.

The Presidency of Ecuador continues denouncing our website so that the server -in which all our information is housed- is removed. They attribute the copyright infringement to several public images of President Lenin Moreno at some official events. Similarly, alerts from the State Attorney General’s Office and the Ministry of Defense have been added for using these photos.

On Thursday morning, our technical team received eight complaints -issued by Ecuador’s Presidency- to remove pictures of public events dating from 2017 to the present. Our Facebook Fan Page also received five complaints for posting some parts of the President’s speech during protests against economic measures.

This is not the first attack against freedom of expression that our media outlet receives since Pichincha Universal radio remains disabled by an Arcotel order. At the moment, the website and social media are our only communication channels.

Pichincha Universal has always respected all ethical and legal norms. For this reason, every complaint we receive is checked immediately and we proceed to delete the material that endangers our work.

Given this, we are publishing images drawn and illustrated by our design team. It does not seek to disrespect anyone, we just want to graph the news in an alternative way.

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