Conaie releases policemen after Tucumbi’s funeral

Photo: AP

Four of the policemen were made to carry the coffin for the commemoration of the Conaie leader’s death.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) released 10 police officers after they had been held at Casa de la Cultura in Quito, following a public funeral at the same location as Inocencio Tucumbi died by a tear-gas bomb.

The Conaie leaders made four officers carry the coffin because, according to the Indigenous justice system, they represented the violent repression that forced Tucumbi to become a victim of the protests.

After the funeral, the 10 police officers were watched over by the “Indigenous Guard” in a march surrounded by hundreds of people to La Alameda Park, near Quito’s historic center. The officers were handed over to representatives of the United Nations in Ecuador.

“We thank Conaie for the peaceful handing over of the police officers. We consider this as a goodwill act that contributes to creating conditions of greater trust in order to prevent violence and seek agreed solutions to this situation,” said a message by networks spread by the UN delegation in Ecuador.

Since protests began, the Indigenous group, kept the officers in the CCE to act as shields against any police aggression during the funeral procession.​​​​​​​

Sources: teleSUR, EFE, El Comercio.

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