Statement on the use of official images for Pichincha Communications website

After 16 complaints sent by the Presidency for alleged copyright infringement.

After Ecuador’s Presidency sent 16 complaints to the server for alleged use of copyrighted pictures of President Lenin Moreno, Vice President Otto Sonnenholzner, Defense Minister Oswaldo Jarrin, and several Ministerial Cabinet members, Pichincha Universal has decided to use portraits to publish news.

We clarify that this measure arises from threats and alerts that we have constantly received from the Presidency of Ecuador to our server. If this persists, it could mean the definitive closure of our website

This media outlet has always been characterized by being very respectful of authorities that run our country. For this reason, we clarify that these images are not based on mockery or satire. They only seek to safeguard our digital presence and our archives.

We call on the Presidency, Ministery of Communication and government entities not to stop our right to inform. We emphasize that the photos we use ALWAYS have the source from where they are taken. Pictures published by official entities on social media no longer belong to them but are owned by the social network in which they are shared.

Source: Pichincha Comunicaciones

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