Indigenous people lament death of leader during protests

Photo: EFE

Tucumbi was a leader of the Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities (Conaie).

The body of indigenous leader Inocencio Tucumbi -who died during demonstrations against government austerity measures- was carried to a cultural center where indigenous groups amassed for a ceremony in his honor.

Gustavo Tucumbi identified the victim as his father, saying: “The indigenous people are here, a fighting people, a firm people. My father was one of them, fighting until his last. He left a tremendous story that the people must listen to, the nation must listen to.”

Confirming the death on Wednesday, the ombudsman said a man died of brain trauma, possibly from a tear gas canister to the head.

In addition to Tucumbi, the Ombudsman also confirmed the deaths of at least four additional protestors: Raul Chilpe, Marco Otto, Jose Daniel Chaluiza and Jose Rodrigo Chaluiza.

The statement also mentions the official estimate of 929 people arrested and 554 injured.

Sources: Pichincha Universal, teleSUR, Reuters.

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