Conaie denies VP’s claims of dialogue

Photo: EFE

The indigenous movement confirmed that the national mobilization will continue.

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) denied the declarations from vice president Otto Sonnenholzner, who said that negotiations between the government and the Conaie had begun.

Instead -they tweeted- they were protesting in Quito at the intersection of “Benalcazar and Galapagos streets,” near the presidential palace that the head of state and officials evacuated Monday night for fear of the social movements.

On Tuesday, the confederation rejected the executive order to mandate a “curfew” and a partial ban on public access to areas around state buildings and installations further north within the city, calling it a “dictatorial measure” to ward off anti-government protests.

The Conaie said the government is weak and that these types of decisions, such to move the government seat to Guayaquil, demonstrated its inability to resolve the situation calmly.

The government is a “debacle, as demonstrated by authorities’ inability to respond to social mobilization and resistance movements,” the group said in a statement.

Sources: EFE, teleSUR.

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