ARCOTEL orders immediate suspension of Pichincha Universal activities

On Wednesday afternoon, the Telecommunications Control and Regulation Agency (Arcotel) started a sanctioning administrative process against Pichincha Comunicaciones EP, asking to stop its activities immediately.

The order arrived after the Ministery of Communication delivered a notification to our media outlet, to prevent regular programming and demand us to broadcast Radio Publica signal immediately and mandatory.

This process would have been started by a CORDICOM report, which states that during an opinion program, one of its participants allegedly incited chaos and stoppage of public services.

These sanctions happen despite several government authorities -Andres Michelena among them- announced that the transmission of this media outlet would not be closed.

Given this, Pichincha Universal calls on citizens and organizations in charge of ensuring Human Rights to observe Government behavior against us.

In addition, we remember again that we have received several attacks on our FM frequency, our website and our internet servers during the last month.

We also express our rejection of these measures and ask the competent authorities for clarification.

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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