Oaxaca becomes the first Mexican state to decriminalize abortion

Lawmakers in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca approved the legalization of abortion with 24 votes in favor, 10 against. The bill will change the state’s constitution and drop criminal charges for those who decide to terminate their pregnancy during the first 12 weeks after conception.

Oaxaca is now only the second area in Mexico, after Mexico City in 2007, to allow the procedure under such conditions. Currently, a woman who undergoes an abortion can be jailed between six and 24 months.

“#Oaxaca becomes the second region to decriminalize abortion, 24 votes in favor and 10 against, abortion is decriminalized until 12 weeks of pregnancy. #AbortionLegalOaxaca”

Approval of the measure came just a few days after President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) sent a bill to the federal Congress that would grant an amnesty to women serving prison terms for abortion.

In Latin America, only Cuba and Uruguay allow women to decide on the termination of pregnancy.

Sources: Reuters, teleSUR, Pichincha Universal.

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