Bolsonaro: “We are one of the countries that most protect the environment”

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro blamed media for being “deceitful” and hyping the destruction of the Amazon rainforest during a speech at the United Nations.

In his 30-minute-long address, Bolsonaro denied that the Amazon was “being devasted or consumed by fire, as the media deceitfully says.”

“Our Amazon is larger than the whole of Western Europe and remains virtually untouched-proof that we are one of the countries that most protect the environment.”

“Any country has a problem. But the sensationalist attacks we suffered from the large part of the international media over the fires in the Amazon awakened our patriotic feelings,” Bolsonaro said.

President of Brazil again vowed to reduce the Indigenous territories and open them up to commercial mining.

Sources: The Guardian, teleSUR.

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