Stoppage in Carchi due to lack of Government attention

On Tuesday morning, the province of Carchi began a stoppage as a measure of protest due to the lack of Government attention. Inhabitants and merchants claim that authorities have disregarded them and they need their support for the commercial revival of the province.

Among the main demands of the inhabitants are the VAT reduction to 6% for the province; the free zone declaration to Tulcan; the expansion of the Bolivar-Rumichaca Pan-American highway and the definitive serum moratorium for mixing with pure milk.

Tulcan’s ECU911 reported there is a closure in the Mascarilla sector, on the road that leads to Mira, on the Bolivar-El Angel highway, in San Gabriel and Huaca. Rumichaca bridge is also blocked, at the northern border access.

According to the spokesmen, the measure will remain active until there is a specific response from the Government.

Sources: ECU 911, Pichincha Universal

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