U.S. and El Salvador sign asylum deal

The United States and El Salvador have reached a joint deal on immigration, the U.S. embassy in El Salvador said, without giving any additional details beyond those related to asylum claims.

«The bottom line of this agreement is an asylum. It seeks to recognize El Salvador’s development of its own asylum system and its commitment to expand that capacity,» said Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Kevin McAleenan, accompanied by Salvadoran Foreign Minister Alexandra Hill.

«President Bukele’s goal is not only to stop irregular immigration but to reverse migration. It has to be done gradually,» Hill added.

This is the latest move by McAleenan to push for bilateral immigration deals with the Northern Triangle countries of Central America—Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador—where most immigrants arriving at the U.S. southern border hail from.

Sources: Reuters, Washington Post, AP.

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