Maduro: Venezuela is living an economy of resistance

Ecuador’s former President Rafael Correa spoke with Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas, where both addressed the reality the Bolivarian country is facing.

During their conversation, Correa said that Venezuela is “victim of a disinformation campaign” whereby political opposition tries to get benefit from problems that have been “clearly caused by the so-called ‘sanctions’ which are actually illegal aggressions against sovereign countries.”

President Maduro recalled that from the beginning of President Hugo Chavez’s administration in 1999 up to 2015, “we had annual revenues of US$50 billion from oil sales. Now we only receive US$4 billion.”

The Bolivarian president denounced that the U.S. government actions imply many financial costs to the Venezuelans and explained that Venezuela is living “an economy of resistance.”

“Venezuela cannot either open or close international bank accounts. It cannot pay for any type of product. In addition, we are now being threatened with a complete naval blockade.”

“Trump has kind of AN obsessive hatred against Latin American peoples, refugees, immigrants; he has a special hatred against the Venezuelan people and our history.”

Rafael Correa concluded his program by reiterating his support for Nicolas Maduro and the Venezuelan people.

Sources: RT, teleSUR.

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