Baltimore welcomes U.S. President with a 14-foot inflatable Trump rat

Dozens of protesters gathered in downtown Baltimore on Thursday as U.S. President Donald Trump made his first visit to the city since he blasted it as a «disgusting, rat and rodent-infested mess.»

«A 14-foot inflatable Trump rat feels like an appropriate form of protest for the President’s Baltimore visit,» the OD outlet reported, commenting that such a giant doll «will remind anyone who sees it of his racist comments.»

A series of tweets released in late July, by Trump lashed out at Elijah Cummings, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for Maryland’s 7th congressional district, calling him a «brutal bully» who should concentrate on cleaning up his «disgusting,  rat and rodent-infested» district rather than criticizing U.S. immigration officers.

Cummings, who chairs the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, responded to the U.S. president by inviting him to tour the city and observe hardworking residents.​​​​​​​

Sources: Reuters, Prensa Latina, teleSUR.

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