Ecuador will allow the transit of Venezuelans with a visa to a third country

Ecuadorian Foreign Minister, Jose Valencia announced that the country will allow transit through its territory to Venezuelans who have a visa for a third country. The announcement comes after a request from Colombia for Ecuador to create a “humanitarian corridor.”

On August 26, Ecuador imposed the visa requirement for Venezuelan migrants in an attempt to regulate their entry. Due to this measure, Colombian Defender of the People, Carlos Alfonso Negret asked the Governments of Ecuador and Peru to activate a humanitarian corridor for Venezuelan migrants.

Valencia confirmed that Ecuador will give way to this proposal. «The only requirement is that the person interested in obtaining it presents a valid visa to the country which he/she is going.»

In addition, he explained that the people who require it must request a transit permit at the points of entry into the country, which is free and that is already available. It will allow them to stay in Ecuadorian territory for a period of 10 days in order to reach their destination.

Since Ecuador imposed the visa, the presence of more than a thousand people of all ages was registered in the border area of ​​Rumichaca, on the Colombian side, who could not continue their path. Many of them have Peru and Chile as their destination.

Sources: EFE, Pichincha Universal.

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