Fernandez leads opinion polls for Argentina’s elections

Alberto Fernandez and his running mate Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of the ‘Front For All’ Party lead the polls for the upcoming presidential elections in Argentina with over 50% in the first round.

A new poll published on Monday by Gustavo Córdoba & Asociados, along with at least four other major polling agencies in Argentina, have all given the Fernández​​​​​​​-Kirchner ticket large leads over President Macri in the upcoming elections. They have polled Fernández​​​​​​​-Kirchner at 50.7 percent while the incumbent Macri is trailing at 30.1 percent.

Other polling agencies who released their figures this week include Clivajes Consultores (Fernández​​​​​​​-Kirchner 52,62 percent, Macri 32,54 percent), Ricardo Rouvier & Asociados (Fernández​​​​​​​-Kirchner 51,5 percent, Macri 34,9 percent), and Oh Panel! (Fernández​​​​​​​-Kirchner 50,0 percent, Macri 31,0 percent).

Under Argentinian electoral law, a first-round victory requires 45 percent, or 40 percent if the winner is at least 10 points ahead of the closest rival.

Sources: HispanTV, Diario Las Americas, teleSUR.

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