Bolton was ‘way out of line’ on Venezuela, Trump says

The former National Security Advisor John Bolton was fired Tuesday, with the circumstances surrounding this firing still unclear. Reports have emerged that President Donald Trump disagreed with Bolton over Venezuela, and went as far as saying that Bolton had ‘crossed a line’. Trump is also thought to be angered that Bolton sabotaged peace efforts with North Korea.

“I disagreed with John Bolton in his attitude towards Venezuela. I think he really crosse a line” said Trump. Though, Trump refused to answer whether or not he would meet with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, now that Bolton is gone.

Trump also believes that his efforts to pursue dialogue with the North Korean government were ‘damaged’ by Bolton’s adversarial declarations against Pyongyang.

In response to Tuesday’s news that John Bolton had been let go, Iran called for Bolton’s replacement to be a less hawkish figure, President Hassan Rouhani said Wednesday that “America should understand that … it should distance itself from warmongers.”

Sources: EFE, Reuters, teleSUR

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