Correa: «Martinez’s alleged notebook is the greatest procedural fraud»

Former President Rafael Correa said that Pamela Martínez’s notebook, where the alleged irregular contributions to Alianza PAIS would be evidenced, is the “greatest procedural fraud that recalls history.” “It was written by her in jail in association with Prosecutor Diana Salazar,” he said.

Correa regretted that there are two years “of the worst government in history that has moved back Ecuador in every way. There is no security, employment, public works, there is no dignity,” he added.

In addition, he criticized that they have reviewed their financial and migratory movements, telephones and computers, as well as they have read private chats. «They got to the point of hiring a foreign company to find something that incriminates Jorge Glas or me and they have failed,» Correa said.

On September 2, Martínez -who is processed as part of the 2012-2016 Bribes case- confirmed that the notebook was created in 2018 in “an impulse” she had and that she wrote it, in present, on a 35-minute flight.

“I haven’t received, requested or allowed any bribe. When I took office, I banned Christmas baskets and gifts to contractors, who have already returned today,” he said.

Correa stressed that this bad time will pass. He called on to “prepare for the next elections that hopefully should be before 2021. We will recover the Homeland, without hatred, but with justice and memory. Your vote will be the best weapon,” he concluded.

Source: Pichincha Universal.

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