Uribe paid half a million dollars for favorable testimony

It has been revealed that Colombia’s former President Alvaro Uribe paid huge sums to a witness in exchange for favorable testimony in court.

The Colombian newspaper El Tiempo confirmed the validity of claims made by former paramilitary ‘Victor’ that Uribe’s lawyers had paid him over half a million dollars, along with other payments, for favorable testimony.

‘Victor’ is a former paramilitary with Bloque Metro, the right-wing death squad that Uribe is alleged to have helped found. It is reported that Victor was supposed to testify that one Alberto Guerrero had never been part of the group. This was needed because Guerrero is who first exposed Uribe’s role in the death squad. Guerrero has stood by his claims, despite considerable intimidation, and the murder of other such witnesses.

Uribe is currently on trial for fraud and bribery charges, as well as investigations about his links to the ‘Bloque Metro.’

Sources: El Tiempo, Colombia Reports, teleSUR.

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