Protests in Brazil against Bolsonaro’s policies

On September 5th, also known as Amazon’s Day, social and environmental movements, professors, and students will hold protests in several Brazilian cities ​​​​in rejection of President Jair Bolsonaro’s policies which encourage the conversion of the rainforests into agricultural lands.

“Not only has the fire destroyed the Amazon. What destroyed our Amazonian forests, rivers and communities are large companies, agribusiness, hydroelectric and timber concessions,” Moroni Bemuyal Guimaraes, the Movement of People Affected by Barragens (MAB) spokesperson, said.

So far, the Brazilian local press has confirmed rallies in Belem, Itaituba, Altamira e Maraba (state of Para); Fortaleza, Caucaia and Jaguaribara (state of Ceara) and Manaus, Macapa, Porto Alegre, Porto Velho, Brasilia, Sao Paulo and Eldorado.

“Preserving the Amazon should be one of our priorities; more and more, however, we see that the opposite is happening in the Bolsonaro administration. On Saturday 7 we will take to the streets in defense of the Amazon and education. September 5, Amazon Day!”

Additionally, on Sep. 7,  Brazil’s independence day, students will hold demonstrations to defend the Amazon and public education, both of which are also being threatened by Bolsonaro’s privatization program.

Sources: teleSUR, Brasil de Fato, BuzzFeed-Brasil.

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