FARC-Party expels dissident Commanders who took up arms

The Common Alternative Revolutionary Force party (FARC) has formally expelled Wednesday its former leaders who split from the main organization to take up arms once again, condemning the new armed grouping and reaffirming their commitments to the principles of the 2016 peace agreements.

FARC’s official ethics commission released a statement formally announcing the expulsion of six former commanders who are part of the minority faction who split off to take up arms last Thursday.

Those expelled are Ivan Marquez, Jesus Santrich, ‘El Paisa’, Walter Mendoza, Romaña and Aldinever. The statement says that their decision to return to armed struggle is a violation of «our organizing principles, which are collective leadership and democratic centralism.»

Whilst the FARC leadership agree that the state has not met its obligations, they believe that efforts must be maintained to realize the principles of the peace agreement.

Source: teleSUR

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