«The President of Ecuador will always be on the side of the Police,» says Guillermo Lasso

The President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso, reiterated the support of his administration for the police in the face of the actions they take to stop the insecurity in the streets of the country.

«The President will always be on the side of the Police,» said the President during his visit to the Quito Regiment.

He recalled that the task of the uniformed men is to defend citizens against insecurity and drug trafficking.

“This external threat wants to turn all of Ecuador into its territory. We are not going to allow it, ”he insisted.

The President, on his Twitter account, said that, after listening to the police, he reaffirms the commitment to support them and protect their integrity in the fight against crime, drug trafficking and organized crime.

«We will provide them with permanent support,» he guaranteed.

The commander of the Police, Tannya Varela, who accompanied the President on the tour, affirmed that the police officers have the task of firmly fighting crime.

«Today we can say that this is not only a country of encounter, but a country united to fight for the peace we long for,» said Varela.

He promised that peace will return to the streets: «We will restore the peaceful coexistence that the country so requires.»

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