Government of Ecuador validates vaccination cards against COVID issued abroad

The Government of Ecuador will recognize the validity of vaccination cards against COVID19 issued abroad. The document can be used to enter the country.

Last Monday, during a press conference of the National COE, the Secretary of Health assured that the Ministry «cannot validate a vaccination that has been done abroad.»

Therefore, those who wished to attend public events, where the presentation of this document is required, had to undergo a PCR test to detect a possible case of COVID.

However, yesterday, the Ministry of Public Health changed its mind and announced that the vaccination card or certificate, obtained abroad, is valid in Ecuador for use in the 24 provinces of the country.

«With the vaccination card or certificate, every citizen can enter the national territory by air, river or land transportation,» he said.

In addition, it was reported that the document delivered abroad to an Ecuadorian citizen can be registered in the system of that State portfolio.

«It is not necessary for the MSP to revalidate the information or deliver a new card,» he added.

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