Ecuador’s Labor Minister insists that young people do not seek job stability

Patricio Donoso, Minister of Labor, pointed out that in the draft Law for the Creation of Opportunities, with regard to labor matters, the elimination of employer retirement is maintained, since it only benefits 4% of workers.

He clarified that this benefit will be maintained for those who have been working in the same company for more than 20 years, however it is proposed to eliminate it in the future because young people seek opportunities, beyond stability.

He explained that employer retirement means an extra cost for employers, which is why it is eliminated to the detriment of 96%. He also recalled that there are reserve funds, which will be held for the benefit of the workers.

On the other hand, the official indicated that once again the National Assembly has the opportunity to analyze the regulations, thanks to the government’s action, openness and generosity of the regime: «To generate Ecuador from employment because together we can make a better law.»

He acknowledged that in the initial bill there were errors, such as compensation from the worker to the employer, which have already been removed: «When the error is accepted, it simply turns the page.»

«We have made 2 or 3 changes and if there is more need for changes for that, there is the legislative debate.»

He stated that everything is perfectible and insisted that the important thing is to take care that the companies subsist to take care of the jobs.

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