In Ecuador, the Family Committee «Victims of October 2019» asks the Assembly for amnesty

The Committee of Family Victims of October 2019, Marco Oto presented this Friday, September 10, 2021, an amnesty request to the National Assembly for 10 people who were criminalized during the national strike two years ago.

With posters and slogans, several family members supported this measure and walked down Piedrahita Street, before entering the Ecuadorian Parliament. One of the participants was Imelda Rivera, mother of Marco Oto, one of the fatalities of those days.

Committee of Relatives of Victims of October 2019

He asked that the death of his son be done justice and not go unpunished. His claim makes it almost two years after this protest.

María Hernández, president of the Committee, entered the documentation in the Legislative Secretariat, for the amnesty of the seven prosecuted in Sucumbíos for the alleged paralysis of public services.

Committee of Relatives of Victims of October 2019

In addition, in favor of the three indicted for alleged rebellion: Paola Pabón, Christian González and Virgilio Hernández.

«We believe that it is important for the Assembly to take into account because the mobilization of 2019 was of the entire national territory and a constitutional right such as the right to protest cannot be silenced,» said the president of the Committee.

With this resource they hope that justice will be guaranteed in these processes that she, she said, have no elements or evidence to continue in the judicial system.

They hope that their request will be processed, while the complaint for the crime against humanity against the former authorities: Lenín Moreno and María Paula Romo for the police repression that left thousands of injured, deceased, mutilated people, arbitrary detentions, among others irregular.

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