Ecuador will face two new international arbitrations for oil concessions

Consorcios Kamana Services and Servicios Petroleros Igapó filed the lawsuits in the Permanent Court of Arbitration of Uncitral

Before the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), the consortiums Kamana Sevices SA (made up of the French Schlumberger and the Argentine Tecpetrol) and Servicios Petroleros Igapó SA (of the American Halliburton) have presented arbitrations UNCITRAL (United Nations Commission for the Right Mercantil Internacional, for its acronym in English) against the public hydrocarbon company of Ecuador EP Petroecuador for allegedly due to problems in tariff payments.

The two consortiums obtained the concession of service contracts for several oil fields in 2016, EP Petroecuador (at that time Petroamazonas EP) would maintain the operation of the assets.

Kamana got the concessions for Eden Yuturi and Pañacocha; and Igapó for Lago Agrio, Palo Azul, Pucuna and Víctor Hugo Ruales.

Along with them another consortium, Pañaturi (from China Sinopec), won the concession for the Indillana, Yanaquincha and Limoncocha fields.

The committed investment of the three consortiums reached $ 1,000 million, according to information published by Petroamazonas itself in 2016

The courts are already constituted. The plaintiffs are represented by the firm Robalino Abogados, in one case, while by Pérez Bustamante & Ponce, in another case.

On its side, Petroecuador is represented by the Attorney General of the State of Ecuador and a team from the company itself.

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