COVID cases decrease by 85% in Ecuador

Decrease in COVID-19 cases in the country, reduction in mortality and morbidity; and, the decongestion in the occupation of hospital beds and Intensive Care Units (ICU) are part of the scenario that Ecuador is currently experiencing.

The regime argues that these changes are due to the Vaccination Plan, which, to date, has inoculated more than 9 million people throughout Ecuador.

Confirmed COVID-19 cases have had a notable decrease when comparing epidemiological week 16 (May 2021) in which the highest peak of 12,758 cases was registered, as opposed to week 34 (last week of August 2021) , where a total of 1,872 cases are appreciated.

There is a reduction of around 85%, with a change in the incidence rate from 14.35 cases to 10.69 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

Deaths from COVID-19 have decreased in recent months. As well as the occupation of beds in hospitalization and ICU on a national scale.

In April, we went from 100% to August to 12.5%. We also noticed a decrease in the waiting list for both health services.

Regarding the case of the variants of concern, to date, 265 cases of the Alpha variant have been identified; 327 to Gamma; while 181 new cases of the Delta variant have been added, giving a total of 450 only of this variant, nationwide.

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