Conaie supports the days of protest against the government of Ecuador

The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) expressed its support for the mobilization sessions of the organized sectors of society, against the policies of the Guillermo Lasso government.

The indigenous movement considers that these sectors express their dissatisfaction with the breaches of the national government and are active to defend just conditions, not beg for them, exercising the right to social protest.

Conaie declared its support for students, teachers and university workers throughout the country, who are mobilizing in defense of the budget, against what they estimate is a new blow to public education, with the reduction of the budget for this year of about $ 40 million.

It is intended to deprive the youth of an area as sensitive as public higher education. Young people from the countryside and the city mobilize demanding that Lasso fulfill the campaign’s «promise» of free entry, gratuity and educational quality; above all, to be taken into account in the educational reforms that are being processed, claims the Conaie.

It also supports the protests of peasants, rice farmers, small and medium producers, who demand to equalize the prices of products and safeguard the peasant economy, from food sovereignty and fair trade, maintains the indigenous organization.

It regrets that these sectors have received palliative measures and repression from the government. “Our solidarity, because the government cannot shut down in the face of the harsh reality of the countryside; Enough of the smear and attack. In democracy we ask for participation and debate with capacity and more than anything proposals, because we are the ones who are experiencing the economic crisis ”, declared Conaie.

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