Lebanon offers religious service for victims of explosion

(Prensa Latina) Hundreds of people participated today in a religious service held at Saint George Hospital to remember the victims of the explosion in Lebanon’s main port.

That institution was left in ruins by the shrapnel and shock wave generated by the August 4, 2020 detonation, which killed 22 people, including medical personnel and patients.

Greek Orthodox Archbishop Elias Audi and 10 other prelates were in charge of the prayer for the victims.

The hospital reception welcomed those who honored nurses Jessica Bezdjian, Jessica Kahwaji, Mireille Germanos and Lina Abou Hamdan, who died in the disaster.

Audi recalled that the roof of the hospital collapsed, leaving several people dead and injured, but everyone, despite their injuries, was ready to help each other.

In just a few seconds, the area around the hospital, just 900 meters far from the explosion, was transformed into a war zone following the impact of the ignition of thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate.

The speaker also referred to those who try to evade the investigative process, saying that no one is above the law and those who obstruct the criminal investigation are also criminals, he emphasized.

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