CDC issues new ban on evictions of most US renters after protest

(Prensa Latina) The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday has issued a new 60-day moratorium on rental evictions, a move the United States public health agency said would protect around 90% of US citizens.

Moratorium on rental evictions amid the pandemic expired past Saturday and in recent days the White House and Congress have debated who should act to prevent millions of people from being homeless.

On Tuesday, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky signed an order extending moratorium through October 3 so as to protect US counties with high levels of community transmission of Covid-19.

If counties improve their internal health situation and do not experience high transmission for 14 days in a row, tenants will no longer be covered under the measure.

In this way, it was found a legal alternative to keep people at home after a Supreme Court ruling that vetoed decisions on the grounds that Congress was responsible for those decisions.

‘The emergence of the Delta variant has led to a rapid acceleration of community transmission in the United States, putting more Americans at increased risk, especially if they are unvaccinated,’ Walensky said.

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