Indigenous communities claim for oil spill, after a year without State response

In April 2020, a spill of more than 15 thousand barrels of crude affected several communities in the Amazon. Almost a year after the event, the State has not responded to the demands of the inhabitants, who are asking for justice and reparation.

This Friday, March 5, communities affected by the spill went outside the Judicial Council to demand responses from the State.

Vivian Idrovo, coordinator of the Alliance of Human Rights Organizations, claimed the lack of action by justice and government entities to provide reparation to the victims of the spill.

The sit-in was also held outside the Constitutional Court, where they also delivered an official letter to guarantee the protection of those affected by this emergency.

The cause of the spill was the rupture of the Trans-Ecuadorian Pipeline System, SOTE, the Heavy Crude Oil Pipeline, OCP, and the Shushufindi – Quito pipeline, due to erosion in the Coca River.

The inhabitants of the neighboring sectors claimed that there are children with lacerations, women with infections due to the use of contaminated water. In this case, Judge Jaime Oña denied the Protection Action and ignored the violated rights.

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