Government of Ecuador owes more than 8 months of salary to teachers

More than 100 teachers protest for the fifth time to demand that the National Government and the Ministry of Economic and Social Inclusion (MIES) pay their salaries. The kindergartens report that they have been unpaid for more than eight months and the authorities have not given any response.

The teachers warned that they never stopped their activities, even during the health crisis, since they chose to give virtual classes, but due to lack of payment, they cut off basic services and the internet, some were even evicted from their homes.

In the same way, they confessed that many teachers had to dedicate themselves to street vending to get money. «We don’t have money, even though we continue working,» they lamented.

In addition, they indicated that in a few weeks new agreements have to be signed to continue with this service, but, so far, the authorities have not given an exact date to catch up with their obligations.

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