31.590 doses of Pfizer arrive in Ecuador

The fourth batch of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines, with 31.590 doses, arrived in Ecuador. Now the country would have more than 73 thousand vaccines and, according to the inoculation plan, Phase 1 will begin in the country.

At this stage, according to the Ministry, priority groups are included such as Health personnel (not included in Phase 0) of the entire public and private network, Public Force, teachers, vulnerable population such as the elderly Personnel, waste collectors , personnel from strategic sectors (attention to public services, justice, complementary security, others).

In the coming days, the authorities will present the technological platform that will allow the registration of Ecuadorians to be vaccinated in order to schedule appointments, according to the prioritization process.

This process has as indicators the exposure criteria and fatality rates. For example, the fatality rate for older adults in the country is 63.1%.

With Phase 1, the Government expects to cover about two million people, with the elderly being 57% of the target group. The application of the dose to the groups of this stage will be simultaneous.

In addition, they will continue with the application of the second dose, to those who have already completed 21 days after the first vaccine.

It is expected that the week of March 8, according to the schedule presented by Pfizer, 73.710 more doses will arrive. While the arrival date of 84.000 AstraZeneca vaccines has yet to be confirmed, as part of the COVAX mechanism.

The Government announced that there are 20 million vaccines that have already been negotiated. 6 million from Pfizer, 5 million from AstraZeneca-Oxford, 7 million from the CovaxFacility Initiative – WHO, and 2 million from the Chinese Sinovac vaccine.

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