Teachers celebrate 15 days of protests in Colombia

The national strike of educators in Colombia, completed 15 days this Saturday, February 27, 2021 without the authorities of the country giving answers to its main demands.

Teachers demand a series of changes that they consider necessary to improve the educational process, such as improvements in infrastructure and connectivity for online classes and from digital platforms.

They also demand the protection of the jobs and lives of those who practice the profession in conflict and post-conflict zones, where illegal armed groups operate with impunity.

The teachers ask the government of Iván Duque to put an end to what they consider a ‘labor massacre’ due to the loss of at least seven thousand jobs for teachers at different levels of education in the aforementioned regions.

Educators criticize the way in which Decree Law 882 of 2017 «Special Contest of Merits for the provision of educators in areas affected by the conflict» resolves the issue of education. «

The teachers point out «gaps» in the regulations that do not protect their job stability and do not recognize the work that many of them carried out without interruption despite the war.

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