Ombudsman of Ecuador denounces that the states of exception did not serve in the prisons of the country

Freddy Carrión, ombudsman, pointed out that the massacre registered in the country’s prisons last Tuesday, February 23, demonstrates the lack of competence and inefficiency of the National Government, so obviously the issue becomes a concern of Human Rights organizations National and international.

Carrión denounced that the government of Ecuador has not guaranteed rehabilitation policies. He recalled that those deprived of liberty are considered priority groups because they are at the mercy of State controls that have allowed the entry of weapons, cell phones and even drugs into prisons.

He argued that another of the elements that has complicated this issue is to believe that insecurity and crime are solved with the toughening of penalties through the Comprehensive Penal Code, when that also involves the absence of the State with public policies that guarantee the basic rights of the population.

The official stressed that the states of exception declared last year by the National Government were useless. The government did not allocate a budget to the sector and the result is 79 inmates assassinated, dismembered and beheaded

What happens in the prisons of Ecuador is «with the complicity of many prison security elements that allow the entry of weapons (…) the prison system does not exist in the country, it does not have any type of action or reaction.»

In addition, Carrión criticized that the regime seeks external culprits wanting to get rid of its responsibility, attributing funding from the ELN.

«I do not understand what it has to do with the centers being large, as if small prisons could be better controlled when there is overcrowding.»

Carrión asserted that this is part of the logic of a President of the Republic who does not know the reality that the country is experiencing. The president has mentioned that he is not interested in the problems of the population, therefore, the government has a Minister of Health, Juan Carlos Zevallos, who has used state assets to benefit his family.

This minister was accused of influence peddling and also does not have a vaccination plan for the country. People keep getting Covid.

«It is not possible for the crisis to continue to be blamed on previous governments, because if this is the case, logic should come from Juan José Flores because he did not promote an efficient State.»

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