65 people wait for a bed in the Intensive Care Units in Quito

The situation of Covid-19 in Quito remains delicate, according to the latest reports from the municipality’s Health Secretariat, at least 65 people are waiting for a bed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

In Quito, the hospitalization area is 80% occupied, while in the Intensive Care Units the situation is more at the limit with 98% of their capacity at the top.

65 people wait for a bed in the Intensive Care Units in Quito. The beds for hospitalization report an occupancy of 90%, while their intensive therapy is at its peak at the Carlos Andrade Marín Hospital

The situation is no different in the Quito Sur hospital of the IESS, where its ICU capacity is 100%, in that Health House, 46 people are on the waiting list.

Another factor that is increasing is the frequency with which patients arrive at hospitals. According to several doctors, before, 100 people were treated daily. However, currently there are up to 150 suspected cases of Covid-19.

Mortality has also grown in recent weeks, between February 1 and 19, 2021 the Civil Registry and the Ministry of Health of the capital confirmed 919 deaths in Quito, this represents 41% more than the average of deaths of 3 previous years , where the figure reached 650.

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