Report of violations of minors shakes Panamanian society

The minors residing in shelters supervised by the State of Panama, were victims of sexual abuse, physical and verbal abuse and were even subjected to forced abortions.

This Wednesday, February 24, 2021, a parliamentary report on dozens of child violations in 14 shelters shook Panamanian citizens. These aid centers were monitored and controlled by the state.

The violations against minors would have been carried out in 2015, according to parliamentarians. Thousands of young people gathered in the streets to protest this cruel act, which originated in many state-supervised shelters.

The minors have been victims of sexual abuse, physical and verbal abuse and some even had to be subjected to forced abortions.

On the other hand, the Panama Prosecutor’s Office is investigating this fact, where disabled children and minors facing a situation of abandonment were also raped.

Some shelters involved in the investigations have been closed, 8 so far, so it is not known where the minors who were raped in these places are. Protesters and authorities demand that the government report the exact whereabouts of the infants.

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