3.000 children have coronavirus in Pichincha

Hospitals receive between 60 and 65 pediatric cases per week, previously this figure ranged between 16 and 18 patients.

Covid-19 began to affect children to a greater extent, only in Pichincha there are up to 3.000 infected with coronavirus, according to the Federation of Doctors.

Before, between 16 and 18 pediatric patients arrived at hospitals in the province of Pichincha, however, in recent weeks this figure rose to 60 and 65 boys and girls per week. Doctors say that one day they even treated up to 70 cases.

The doctors also reported that there is not a high number of hospitalizations, since 90% of the patients who enter the health homes return home. However, there are infants who remain intubated in intensive care.

In Pichincha the virus spreads rapidly, according to data from the Medical Federation in the province, 18 people are infected with coronavirus every hour. Data from the Ministry of Health reveal that there are 96.600 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in this area

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