Ecuador Elections: Arauz and Lasso to second round

The National Electoral Council (CNE) announced the official results of the General Elections of February 7, 2021, corresponding to the dignity of President and Vice President of the Republic.

The presidential pairings that go to the second round of elections on April 11, in accordance with the provisions of article 89 of the Code of Democracy, are UNES, led by candidate Andrés Arauz, and CREO, led by Guillermo Lasso.

According to the CNE report, UNES obtained 3’033.753 votes and CREO reached 1’830.045 votes nationwide.

The proclamation of results was carried out in accordance with articles 143 of the Constitution and 141 of the Democracy Code, after councilors Diana Atamaint, Enrique Pita, Luis Verdesoto and José Cabrera endorsed the calculation of all the minutes drawn up by the Boards Electoral Provincials and the claims made by the political subjects were evacuated.

Within the framework of the proclamation of results, the president of the CNE, Diana Atamaint, said «we are going to defend democracy.»

Atamaint’s reaction came after a marathon day that was under pressure from political subjects and institutions such as the Comptroller’s Office and the Prosecutor’s Office for the initiation of a special examination and expertise on the computer system used for the electoral process. Added to this discomfort was the alleged withdrawal of police custody from the CNE’s exteriors.

After the announcement of the results, it was arranged that the political organizations be notified with the resolution so that, if applicable, they can present administrative or jurisdictional appeals.

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