Provincial Governments of Ecuador ask the National Government to purchase vaccines for the rural sector

As other institutions have done, the Consortium of Provincial Autonomous Governments of Ecuador (Congope) and the Consortium of Amazonian and Galapagos Municipalities (Comaga) requested the Government to acquire a supply of vaccines against Covid-19 for the rural population with the resources owed.

An official letter dated February 1, 2021, signed by the president of Congope, Pablo Jurado, and of Comaga, Andrés Bonilla, was addressed to President Lenín Moreno; the Ministers of Economy and Health, Mauricio Pozo, and Juan Carlos Zevallos; and the head of the National Assembly (S), César Solórzano.

In the document, the Provincial GADs and the Consortium of Municipalities request the necessary doses to support the national vaccination plan considering that the health of the citizens is a priority.

In the Extraordinary Assembly of last January 27, the prefects of the country, decided that although there are delays in the delivery of doses by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and BioNtech, the approval process of the Sputnik-V vaccines from Russia and from Sinopharm, Sinovac Biotech companies from China.

With this precedent, they authorized the acquisition of the vaccines by the Decentralized Autonomous Governments and that this process be done with the payment of a part of the debt that the National Government maintains.

At the moment, the GAD authorities hope that the Executive will endorse this request to serve the population of the rural area of ​​the country.

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