The United States asks its citizens not to visit Ecuador due to high risk of contagion from Covid-19

Health authorities classified Ecuador and 170 destinations with Level 4 of danger.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States located Ecuador as one of the countries with the highest risk of contagion of Covid-19, for which they recommend their tourists to avoid visiting our country, including the Island region.

The CDC recommends that its tourists should avoid all types of travel to countries classified as Level 4. Ecuador is on this list, along with 170 destinations.

For these countries, the United States health authorities also recommend a viral test before their return and, after the trip, another test should be carried out and a minimum quarantine of seven days should be kept.

These recommendations concern the tourism sector in Ecuador, since one of the regions hardest hit by this pandemic is Galapagos. On this Carnival holiday, only 170 foreign tourists entered the Insular Region, when last year 2.371 arrived.

Given this, Norman Wray, president of the Galapagos Government Council, indicated that the community living in the Insular Region has been “very responsible” to reactivate and that, currently, this destination is a safe place to travel “within the framework of a pandemic ”.

To conclude, the CDC also suggests to its citizens that if they travel to Ecuador they should be vaccinated against: measles, chickenpox, tetanus, influenza, polio, hepatitis, typhoid, malaria, rabies and yellow fever.

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