Ecuadorian Army reinforces controls on the northern border due to the death of two Colombian policemen

After the murder of two policemen in the Colombian municipality of Cumbal, the Ecuadorian Armed Forces reinforced surveillance at the Tufiño border bridge in Carchi.

The attack took place on the afternoon of this Wednesday, February 17, in the town of Cumbal, which is located three kilometers from the border parish of Tufiño.

According to preliminary data, the policemen were indiscriminately attacked by armed men in the village of Nazaret, a rural area of ​​Cumbal, while they were searching people and vehicles.

The Colombian authorities stated that cells of the National Liberation Army (ELN) operate in this sector and indicated that two people were captured.

In addition, as a result of the operation, firearms were seized and a vehicle was seized, which had been stolen minutes before.

Pablo Merino, commander of the Andes Brigade, from Ecuador, explained that personnel were mobilized to the international limit to prevent armed people from trying to cross into national territory.

He commented that the Ecuadorian military detachments on the border are on alert and actions are being coordinated with the Colombian Army to maintain border control.

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