My wife’s family was a victim of the Colombian guerrilla, I would never accept its financing, says the candidate for the vice presidency of Ecuador Carlos Rabascall

Carlos Rabascall, candidate for the Vice Presidency of the Republic for UNES, rejected the manipulation and interference of the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office in the electoral politics of Ecuador and in that context he asked for respect for the pain of individuals and families, like his own.

The journalist and commercial engineer explained that his wife is of Colombian nationality and his family arrived in Ecuador fleeing from the guerrillas.

“My father-in-law was murdered by the guerrillas, my father-in-law was kidnapped for six months, my wife’s family was persecuted with that background. How can I lend myself to illegal financing and from that source? «

He urged his contenders not to enter into a dirty campaign since his objective in entering Ecuadorian politics has been to build a country in a responsible and ethical way. He also indicated that according to the publication of the Semana magazine, the ELN leader’s computer indicated an alleged loan of USD80 thousand in October, a month in which the UNES candidates were not even known.

He assured that his financing source has been based on contributions and contributions with people that he could donate with up to USD15, which allowed them to reach a million dollars for the campaign.

In any case, he said he believed that the prosecutor Diana Salazar will not dare to do much because there are no indications or proof of what UNES is accused of and clarified that if the Government reaches the government there will be no room for hatred or revenge: «Here we have to find causes common to move the country forward ”.

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