ICU for patients with Covid-19 reach 100% in Guayaquil; doctors warn of an increase in cases

The occupancy rate of Intensive Care Units, to treat patients with coronavirus, in Guayaquil, has reached 100%. This was reported by the epidemiologists of the Technical Board of Health of the Municipality of Puerto Principal.

Carlos Farhat, coordinating doctor of this group, warned that there is an increase in the number of new cases of people with Covid-19, between confirmed and suspected.

He assured that like the numbers of infections, the mortality rate in this city has increased. «The mortality that a week ago was an average of 11, now we have an average of over 14, bordering on 15».

He added that the average mortality could reach 16%, if the agglomerations registered in various sectors of Guayaquil are taken into account, during the four days of the Carnival Holiday.

The expert clarified that the result of the health situation of these last holidays will be known within the next 10 or 14 days.

“We hope that this impact is going to be extremely strong. The increase in cases is going to be very strong, I couldn’t quantify it, but it is going to be very strong ”, emphasized Farhat.

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