Pachakutik will file a complaint against international observers for alleged electoral fraud

«We are going to file a lawsuit for anomalies and fraud against international observers, including those from the OAS,» they indicated.

Manuela Picq, girlfriend of the candidate Yaku Pérez, announced that Pachakutik will adopt three specific actions, after Guillermo Lasso overcame his presidential votes. The first action will be to formally request a vote count, then they will file a criminal complaint against the international observers and they will also mobilize at the national level, since they consider that there was an electoral fraud to favor the CREO candidate.

Picq announced that, this February 11, Yaku Pérez and Salvador Quishpe will formally present a request to the National Electoral Council (CNE) to start the vote count in 6 provinces.

“Yaku will arrive in Quito tomorrow to ask for the recount, vote by vote. Let the polls be opened and all the votes counted. We are going to do it in the provinces where there was a major fraud: Guayas, Manabí, El Oro, Los Ríos, Esmeraldas and Pichincha ”.

In the same way, she indicated that, after this, they will request a forensic electoral audit of the minutes of the meetings in those 6 provinces from the Comptroller General of the State (CGE).

On the other hand, the activist warned that the assembly members elected by Pachakutik will present a criminal complaint for electoral fraud to the Attorney General’s Office.

“We are going to file a lawsuit for anomaly and fraud against international observers, including those from the OAS. We are going to write that at night and present it in the morning ”.

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