At least one Ecuadorian dies every hour from coronavirus according to the Pichincha College of Physicians

The entity indicated that it is urgent that the Government accelerate the vaccination plan to try to contain the pandemic and prevent more people from dying.

This statistic implies that the country has a mortality of about 700 people per month, so it was noted that the health situation is already alarming.

Víctor Álvarez, president of the Pichincha College of Physicians, said that approximately 1.259 people are infected per day and added that every hour during this month 52.4 patients have tested positive nationwide. «One patient per minute is becoming infected in Ecuador,» he said.

The picture is even more complicated in Quito, where there is the highest percentage of infected in the country.

Álvarez explained that there is already a waiting list of 82 people for a space in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) and approximately between 13 and 16 patients long for a bed in hospitals.

Doctors believe that the authorities have not properly exercised control over the population and that the government must speed up immunization to avoid an imminent health collapse.

The doctor described as «deception» what is said that in 15 days 4.000 people can be vaccinated.

He explained that, to vaccinate 9 million Ecuadorians until October, 3.600 to 3.700 people would have to be immunized every hour, for 12 hours and from Monday to Friday.

At the moment, Ecuador registers 253.339 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 14.968 deaths. Only in Pichincha there are 88.311 diagnosed with the virus and 2.431 deaths. Meanwhile, the capital has 81.485 cases.

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