Spanish deputies express concern about elections in Ecuador

The Spanish deputies of the Izquierda Unida and Podemos formation expressed their concern about the complaints of irregularities, 12 days before the general elections on February 7, 2021.

After a meeting with the candidates for the Assembly for the constituency of Europe, Asia and Oceania, Gustavo Mateus, and his alternate, Margarita Guerrero, from the UNES alliance, the Spanish politicians Enrique Santiago, Txema Guijarro, Lucía Muñoz and Antón Gómez-Reino, expressed their concern about the advance of the electoral calendar.

They recalled the obstacles that existed for the participation of the Revolución Ciudadana movement, after the registration of its candidates and other attempts to prevent the participation of the progressive candidacy.

«We must not rule out any last-minute judicial maneuver to try to prevent the triumph of progressivism in Ecuador,» warned Congressman Enrique Santiago. Deputy Txema Guijarro highlighted the importance of observation missions so that the elections are held with democratic guarantees.

The candidate Gustavo Mateus expressed the concerns of the Ecuadorian migrant community in Spain, in relation to access to housing, where he stressed that «today, thousands of compatriots continue to suffer the consequences of the mortgage crisis.»

«It is so important to govern again, for our migrants to regain quality consular services,» he added.

The job insecurity that migrants experience in the countryside, the situation of the waiting lists for the renewal of residence cards or the rise of racist and xenophobic attacks on the migrant community were other problems that the UNES candidates have transferred to the deputies of United We Can.

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