Luis Enrique Tábara Zerna died at the age of 91

The Ecuadorian painter, Luis Enrique Tábara Zerna, died at the age of 90 this Monday, January 25, 2021. His death was due to natural causes, according to his closest relatives.

Enrique Tábara was a benchmark of national art. In 1946 at the School of Fine Arts he received the training of great teachers such as: Hans Michelson and Martínez Serrano.

One of the great projects of Tábara Zerna was the creation of a Museum of Pre-Columbian Art. In 2016 in an interview for a printed medium in Guayaquil he commented that:

«I trust that one day the museum will be built, that if I don’t, my children will. That would be a gift that I would give to the country, «said the great Ecuadorian painter.

Luis Enrique Tábara spent his last days at his Cuatro Mangas farm, in Quevedo, where he died at 8:00 p.m. this Monday.

The first drawings of him were at 6 years old, when he finished elementary school. The painter was supposed to make an exhibition in Spain last November, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic he suspended it.

His sons commented that Luis Enrique Tábara was working on new works. During his career he received the recognition of several presidents such as: León Febrés Cordero and Gustavo Noboa.

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